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Release Version 1

After a successful beta test, I'm confident enough to release the NQALHA for sale

I'm building 10 units, and plan to show them at DFO. I will have a booth, and if all goes well, will have units for sale

Price will be announced shortly. I'm still working out some details

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Continuing to make NQALHA parts on the Tormach. Odd shaped parts require custom vise jaws

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The Tormach makes great parts! The best yet

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Production continues

Optimizing feeds and speeds, Part 2

First parts with the RapidTurn on the Tormach PCNC 1100

Turning steel for the first time on the Tormach RapidTurn

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The initial production run is finished! 540 parts are off to the anodizer and plater

Beta tester Kaj Beck visited the shop, and I made a custom mount for the NQALHA on his "battlestation"

Production continues on Release Version 1. I hope to have 10 units ready for sale at DFO