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Optimizing feeds and speeds, Part 2

Optimizing feeds and speeds

Making parts, 3rd operation

Making parts, first operation

Marcel Braun, making a large solid object

Marcel Braun, making a large solid object

Production is complete

Kaj Beck making a joint
The machine continues to work well after many hours of use

Kaj Beck working on a large solid piece

Since the beginning of the project, one question has been asked many times. How much radiant heat can the NQALHA take? I replied that the answer is not yet known

Kaj Beck is working on a large solid piece. It's so hot that he's wearing protective gear

The NQALHA didn't fail

He's a test pilot, exploring the limits of what's possible

Kaj Beck, making a rig on RC1

Kaj Beck, making a nice bubble on RC1

Conduit routing on Proto 11

Matt Gieseler coilpotting on Proto 10

Marcel Braun testing Proto 9

Marcel Braun testing Proto 8

Matt Gieseler testing Proto 3

Matt Gieseler testing Proto 1